PYUR (Sophie Schnell) is a recent arrival to the electronica scene with a seemingly endless space of potential ahead of her. PYUR’s musical history stretches deep into her childhood, learning her way around a Boss BR-1200 at the age of 12, taking on Logic two years later. Now, at just 24 years of age, having already found her voice in both visual and sonic fields, PYUR offers an exciting new benchmark for contemporary electronica and digital arts. Having provided vocals for Scuba’s All I Think About is Death she went on to release a full solo LP with his imprint Hotflush Recordings. Her synergistic audiovisual full-length Epoch Sinus came out last October, showcasing a multi-talentedness that transcends medium, arriving at deeper, heartfelt and quantum understandings of frequency. This spiritual aspect of PYUR’s music also has it’s roots in Schnell’s upbringing - her Mother and Aunt are both professional energetic healers who nurtured her own shamanic practice.  

Speaking about her debut album, we see PYUR’s intuitive approach.

“Music showed me that, in the sweet spot between nothingness and existence, one is empowered to fully understand energetic connections and able to initiate extraordinary transformations through all grids and layers of self. Especially now at this time music has the enormous potential and responsibility to become a transformative entity, providing truthfulness and support.”

Following her early success, PYUR has already shared line-ups with the likes of Atom ™, Pantha du Prince, Ital Tek and Fis, evidence of her widely compatible, versatile sonic fingerprint. On a big screen and big soundsystem, PYUR’s synaesthetic AV shows offer a physical, rhythmic, technicoloured meditative experience, striking a unique balance between explosive power, experimentation, melody and accessibility. Her DJ sets hold surreal and atmospheric spaces driven by clever and sometimes broken techno beats. She loves to play out mash-ups and edits of her own, where she combines the forces of many different artists and genres.

PYUR’s schedule for 2017 appears increasingly busy already. She is due to follow her LP with further work on Hotflush, with more projects due to be announced as well. She’s also been awarded a half-year research and practice residency with Zaragoza’s Etopia Centre for Art and Technology. Here she will find herself in the perfect, focused environment to develop her projects even further.

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