Carnet de Voyage

Carnet de Voyage is the collaboration of multidisciplinary artists Rosey Chan and Mimi Xu, consisting of both an ever-evolving, site-specific live performance and a more club-friendly, live electronic set.

Their modular format concert is a sonic and visual journey into the heart of music history, contemporary culture and personal memoir, specifically tailored for a sitting audience and extraordinary spaces; examples include Gagosian Paris Le Bourget Gallery, Palais de Tokyo and London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall, Barbican Center and the Royal Academy of Arts. Rosey and Mimi revisit diverse genres of music, sounds and videos by creating a unique, immersive experience with their original compositions and films. Spanning everything from “baroque to techno, jazz to disco”, the audience are kept guessing from start to finish. The duo seeks to provoke using a combination of technologies and theatrical elements, old and new; using acoustic instruments (piano, bass, percussions, violin, etc.) to projected visuals, synthesizers and field recordings. Carnet de Voyage Performance (trans: travelling notebook) is both a celebration of the past and a projection into the future.

The new all-electronic live set recontextualizes the Carnet de Voyage sound to offer a different facet of the duo. The portable set-up using keyboards, computers and controllers has a more beat-driven style and lends itself to club and festival shows. Rosey and Mimi play live their own material as well as incorporating existing tracks they edit/remix on-the-go and layer with original arrangements.

Following June 2014’s launch of CDV Performance at Meltdown Festival and a string of successful sets since, Carnet de Voyage is currently developing new bespoke shows and composing material for their forthcoming LP.

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