Blotter Trax

Sometimes the music industry needs a swift kick in the pants. Breaking rules with rebellious instincts and a serious understanding of the dancefloor can turn the scene upside down with positive results. Such is the case with Blotter Trax, the partnership between Magda and T.B. Arthur. Blotter Trax is clearly inspired by the fascinating effects of psychedelics, unexpected sounds from analogue machinery and the love of pure creative abandon. What originally began as an impulse has quickly blossomed into an established project celebrated by the top music freaks worldwide. And with good reason: their music will bend your brain.

Utilizing an overwhelming array of music making tools, Blotter Trax is on a trippy mission to test limits and discover new sounds through exploration and experimentation. Both artists are also keenly aware of the importance of these finished works sounding incredible in the rooms this music is designed for. Their years of dance floor experience allows an understanding of the direct connection that music must make with the audience. Hopefully, however, the audience has an open mind and is ready for something a bit outside the usual realms.

Unless you’ve already scrambled your brains to oblivion with excessive use of hallucinogens, the names Magda and T.B. Arthur should already be familiar. The two artists have been pushing the boundaries of quality electronic music to exciting new levels with their individual twisted takes on electronic music. Magda from Minus, Items & Things & her brand new Perm imprint and innovative DJ sets. T.B. Arthur with his unknown origins and even more unfamiliar musical stylings winning support from the likes of Hard Wax and Clone. The combination of these two brilliant brains as ‘Blotter Trax’ should excite the most jaded of us, as well as those eager and joyous ravers who are ready to simply lose their minds to quality tunes. Music designed for people who are reaching for something more, and ready to take a trip with two seasoned guides.

Blotter Trax and Lillevan @SUPERBOOTH18 from HerrSchneider on Vimeo.

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