Baby Vulture

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Daniela Huerta gained her BA (Hons) in Fine Arts from the Central Saint Martins School in London in 2010. As a multi media artist, Huerta's work has been exhibited at important events such as arteBA (Buenos Aires), Artissima (Milan) and Drawing Now (Paris).

Her interest in sound and music as an art form encouraged her to develop her own musical direction under the moniker Baby Vulture, applying her broad and eclectic taste in various art projects and sound productions. She worked under the alias Cornerbred alongside the well known DJ and producer Magda. Together they had their first vinyl release out on the Australian label Balance in May 2015 and now, in the name of artistic cross-pollination, jointly curate a monthly event with a strong focus on the aesthetic and a tendency towards innovative sounds in Berlin called PERM. In 2017, Baby Vulture will undertake a collaborative art and music residency at Aki Aora in Tulum as well as continuing to work with like-minded artists at home in Berlin.  

Huerta is strongly influenced by music concrète, by pioneers such as Iannis Xenakis and John Cage, and by a wide spectrum of electronic music. The combined influence led her to a passion for collecting rare vinyl and researching artists’ creative process in making music. In an almost archeological manner, Huerta digs for distinct sounds she can incorporate into the transportive, sound collages that are her DJ sets, where totally unrelated fragments of sound come together in mesmerising ways.

She is passionate about left-field, genre-bending music. Her selection is truly singular and she is quickly making a mark for herself as a strong figure in contemporary electronic music.

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