Alejandro Mosso

Alejandro Mosso is an Argentinian musician and live performer with more than 10 years of production and performance under his belt. 

With roots in postrock and electropop, his interest in electronic music grew out of an insatiable hunger for music research and audio experimentation. He quickly developed a distinctive sound palette, a perfect balance between electronic and acoustic sounds, markedly informed by a detailed and precise sound design.

His first productions came out under the name Funzion; a string of EPs in 2004 was followed by his debut album ‘Hiperborea’ in 2005. His live shows soon crossed the borders of his hometown as he was invited to perform in both the Argentine and Chilean editions of the famed MUTEK festival. Alejandro has successfully collaborated with some weighty trade names like Sushitech, Alphahouse, Telegraph, Meander and Lomidhigh; using various guises before settling on his birth name in 2008.

2011 marked a turning point for Alejandro with the launch of his own ‘mosso’ imprint, granting him total control over the sound and aesthetic of his output. The label has birthed seven 12”s of percussive and melodic house music, each well thought-out and charmingly presented. Soon to join the esteemed Third Ear Recordings with his debut album Isolation Diaries, and also John Talabot’s label Hivern Discs, Mosso’s upcoming work displays all the hallmarks of a talented and experienced artist having honed his sound.