Trivial Occupations LP
'Trivial Occupations' is the third LP released under the Kingdoms and Scissor and Thread founder’s own name - and continues in the traditions of those landmark records. Having scaled to heights within the club scene and released almost a hundred records under different monikers, Francis Harris embarked on an altogether more personal journey as a composer of intimate, atmospheric pieces removed from the dancefloor.

"After making two emotionally charged concept-driven albums in Leland and Minutes of Sleep, for at least a few years," says Harris, "I felt like I had nothing else to say musically in my solo work. I experienced a gap in my creative process and ultimately a phase of depression. I then began to deal more directly with the question of how concepts work their way into any musical work, especially if one is not necessarily adept at exploring them from a purely theoretical standpoint. How do you approach an album without a concept? Is it necessary to have a concept? This lead to all sorts of existential rabbit holes. So I decided to go back to the beginning, which was no beginning at all. It was more like living in a pure present. Just getting back to a love for making music on my own and with other people. I didn't put a timeline on it and figured it would be finished when I felt the time was right. Four years later my Trivial Occupations became an album."