Remix for BROR Records
May 24, 2019
Shakarchi & Stranéus have remixed Tora Winter’s "Morgiana" ft. Veraluz as part of BROR Records first remix compilation. Their surrealist manifesto re-work of the original fits nicely with Tora Winter's own re-interpretation on the b-side, as well as Johanna Knutsson's remix of DJ Lily's "Folia." A perfect collection for dreamscapes rattled by the rush. 

Available now on Digital and 12" here:

Shakarchi & Stranéus join the Studio Barnhus ranks with a 12-track LP ''Steal Chickens From Men And The Future From God''
While Shakarchi & Stranéus haven't put anything out on the Swedish imprint since 2012, they were responsible for the much-admired label's second ever release way back in 2010. Given this history, it's perhaps unsurprising that their amusingly titled debut album, Steal Chickens From Men and the Future From God, sounds a little like a CD-length distillation of all that makes Studio Barnhus such an exciting label.

Quirky and eccentric from start to finish, it features cut-up MPC loop jams nestling side by side with woozy, deep disco-house shufflers, skewed homemade reggae riddims, glassy-eyed ambient and sample-heavy Balearic house workouts. It's the sort of album that won't just make you tap your toes, nod your head and wiggle your hips, but also put a goofy smile on your face.
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