Matt Karmil: The Gentle Art of Distortion
“Follow your instinct, if it works in context, that’s what counts”. In this production insight video by Native Instrument, Matt Karmil shares his love for distortion, coming from the SP 1200 and mpc 60 old school hip hop productions until using tape machines a main source of distortion. Watch the full video below.
Will LP out April 27th
Karmil’s fourth album, Will, is released on the Norwegian Smalltown Supersound label – the home of Lindstrøm among others. Even more than before Matt has managed to combine his love of the graceful forward motion of minimal techno beats with the deeply granular textures and meditative chambers of reverb and delay. Mastered by the careful hand of Rashad Becker at the legendary Dubplates & Mastering plant, this driverless vehicle takes bumps and curves with ease, but passes through enough scuzzy neighbourhoods to make the journey more memorable.