Lele Sacchi Announces 'Club Confidential’
Lele Sacchi’s first book ‘Club Confidential' will be published on October 31st. The DJ recounts his experiences from the 70s onwards, mixing personal anecdotes with the history of club culture, from David Mancuso’s Loft in New York and the suburbs of Detroit and Chicago, to the British Summer of Love in 1988 and his more recent experiences playing in some of the best clubs in the world.  

The book aims to reflect on the importance of the club as a cultural meeting hub for creative output in a contemporary world. Lele Sacchi has been conducting a prominent radio show on Radio 2 since 2012 and has been teaching history of the music subcultures at the ‘Istituto Europeo Di Design’ University in Italy, both of  which have made him a very influential voice in the conversation on the importance of the club landscape.