Prima Materia Performance
MONOM/Funkhaus, July 19th
Prima Materia is a collaboration among artists Cornelia Thonhauser, Daniela Huerta (Baby Vulture) & Timur Novikov which uses diverse disciplines such as biology and alchemy as departure points to develop visual and conceptual compositions that refer to biological and digital intelligence. These interwoven elements of Prima Materia become their own mythology beginning and ending with the human body as it evolves new forms of hybrid beings and language.

Prima Materia will be performing July 19th as part of an evening of experiments live in 4DSound at MONOM.

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01.12.18 / Hoppetosse, Berlin
PERM 01  

Artist: Frizz (Baby Vulture, Hamid, Magda, Tim Novikov)

Title: With Flesh And Bones Cat Number: P-01  

FRIZZ - A1 Break It Up 
FRIZZ - A2. Vortex 
FRIZZ - B1. With Flesh & Bones
FRIZZ - B2. collapsed    

Frizz (a collaboration of Baby Vulture, Hamid, Tim Novikov, and Magda) draws a diverse arc through rhythmic and tonal exploration indicative of the label’s Berlin-based events. From tinkering electronics to raw synthesis and repetitive refrains to stream-of-consciousness mic work, these tracks stand at the intersection of playful introspection and extroversion - acting as invitations to both analyze and dance. PERM’s opening release, 'With Flesh And Bones' is suspended across genres with no line between the dance floor and the wall.

Perm Podcast 11 - Cornerbred
Shining light on the darker corners of electronia Baby Vulture and Magda's project cornerbred is always an interesting journey. This podcast in particular is one we thoroughly enjoy.
My Own Jupiter Mix #8