Nocturama012: Curses
Nocturama012: Curses
Nocturama 12 is the perfect occasion to introduce you to Curses, whose signature sound, charisma and live vocals has recently caught our hearts. Luca Venezia has been an active producer and DJ for over 10 years, nurturing a contagious musical mash-up style born from of his rock'n'roll roots and obsession with Electronic music. With an album in the making, his own label 'Safer At Night' as well as a firm residency at one of Berlin's most exciting parties 'Pornceptual', Luca has a promising year ahead and since we're looking for any opportunity to listen to him these days, we thought that inviting him to be the latest addition to our Nocturama series was only fitting. Get to know Curses in the interview below and enjoy!

'On this mix I pulled in some of the favorite tracks from my youth that are still relevant and strong influences in the music I produce and DJ today. From early 80’s/90’s EBM and Cold Wave to weirdo Italo Disco and NY Freestyle'

Decadance - On And On (Dub Version)
Front 242 - Controversy Between (Album Version)
Joy Before The Storm - Westchester Siren
Cabaret Voltaire - Just Fascination (7" Version)
Ministry - All Day Remix
Intelligence Dept. - Loneliness
Clan of Xymox - Scum
Art of Noise - Beat Box
Stigma - Last Japan Dream
A Certain Ratio - Knife Slits Water
Alan Vega - Ra-Ra-Baby
Noël Nickel - 120 BT/Mn
The Flirts - Passion (12 Inch Remix)
Wally jump Jr & The Criminal Element - Emu Dub Back
Confetti S - The Sound Of C (Extended Mix)
SM Nurse - Hot Day In Istanbul
Lydia Lunch - Frankie Teardrop

Hey Luca! How has 2017 been for you so far? Did you do anything noteworthy for New Years Eve?
So far 2017 has been great. I was in NYC for NYE, top of the Standard for Gladys Knight then a squad of us trashed my friends last night in his apartment with a big loft party before he moved out.

Thanks for adding to our Nocturama series. You created an exceptional mix that truly showcases your signature sound.
How would you ideally suggest that this mix should be enjoyed?

Pre-party with friends at an apartment before going out for a big weekend.

Can you tell us about what your approach to music is these days and how the 'Influence' theme that you chose for this mix comes into play?
I chose some of my favorite tracks from youth, that continue to have an influence on me when making music still to this day. From early EBM to Italo disco and weirdo 80s New Wave.

How do you write your lyrics? Is there a common theme?
When I DJ I will sing and make up lyrics on the fly, channeling the energy of the crowd. Sometimes it’s nonsense, and over time actual lyrics form. I tap completely into the subconscious, and these chants and hooks eventually get taken to the studio and become an actual song.

You recently re-released a 10-year old track of yours. What is it in particular about 'The Deep End’ that you felt needed to have another go?
I started ‘Curses’ in 2007 as a side project, and only released 2 records on Parisian label Institubes (RIP). I spent the last 7 years focusing on other projects. 3 years ago I resurrected the Curses project and realized ‘The Deep End’ had elements very relevant to what I was playing and producing today so wanted to give it a 2017 redux.

You do regular radio shows as well as releasing a fair few podcasts - how do you find all the music? Are you constantly inspired by the new or do you often find yourself reaching for the old?
I am constantly in touch with so many artists; old and new. The younger ones keep me excited and inspired. I will hear elements that remind me of older tracks in their sound that I forgot about, so I find myself digging in old crates and re-discovering a lot of 80’s and 90’s gems.

I've heard a thing or two about the 'Pornceptual' parties in Berlin, where you're a resident. So you don't give too much away - can you describe the party in three words?
Uninhibited nocturnal utopia

Tell us a bit about what we can expect from you this year
I am finishing the first Curses album, but before that have a lot of EP’s coming out.I’ve got EP’s with Throne Of Blood, Snap Crackle Pop, Rotten City, launching a new slo-mo vinyl only imprint, OMBRA INTL under Safer At Night and finishing up something for Heidi’s Jackathon Jams...

And some questions so we can get to know a bit more about you:

Favorite record shop in Berlin?
Recordloft is the best for discovering and re-discovering early Italo, Acid and New Wave jams.

Opening sets or closing?
There is a real skill and satisfaction in opening, and I love this from time to time. But closing, you can really tell a story with the set.

Early mornings or late nights in the studio?
Early mornings have been my habit since moving to Berlin. 7am, strong coffee, get crackin’!

Do you remember the first album that you bought?
Guns N’ Roses 'Appetite For Destruction'!

What format was it on?
Cassette. And I can still remember the smell of the ink and the glossy insert.

Fusilli or orecchiette?

De Niro or Pacino?
De Niro!

Do you have a sweet tooth?
Salty mixed with sweet is always a big win.

Have you ever had an epiphany? Can you share it with us?
Is an Epiphany a chocolate bar? Yes I’ll share no problem

Lastly, got any good jokes?
Since I’m on a kick of bad jokes... A ham sandwich walks into a bar and orders a beer. Bartender says, ‘Sorry we don’t serve food here.’
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