Nocturama007: Hamid
Nocturama007: Hamid
Nocturama007 is us introducing you to Hamid, a vastly talented, French producer and DJ who we're delighted has joined GEIST. His recent records on Minibar and Colt really caught our eye with their ethereal pad sounds and swung, garage-inspired drums. His DJ sets, too; Hamid is a vinyl enthusiast with a knack for mixing laid-back, club grooves. On Nocturama007, he mixes it up a bit more than normal, drawing for tracks from the likes of Juan Atkins & Moritz Von Oswald, Moodymann and Ryo Murakami. Enjoy and get to know!

Trek - Ben Verden & Pit Spector
Electric Dub - Juan Atkins & Moritz Von Oswald
Silence In The Secret Garden - Moodymann
Voices - Ryo Murakami
Widescreen - Rene Breitbarth
Nobody Jam - Kashawar
Engagement (Late Mix) - Toby Deschamps
Holiday (Edit Murphy #9) - Mr. James Barth
I See You Dancing - Let’s Go Outside
Dust Solution - Morphology
Red District Girls - Cygnus

- Welcome to GEIST Hamid! As we're coming to the end of 2015, let's first talk about the year gone by. How was it for you? Compared to 2014, say. Hello and thank you very much, really happy to have joined GEIST. To be honest, they were both really special years for me and for various reasons. I spent most of 2014 locked away in my studio, so it was a really introspective year where I had the time and space to reflect on my life. 2015 was a year spent more on the road. I went to some exciting places like the US or Russia for the first time. Most importantly, I joined GEIST, my first agency, which is the next landmark step in my career development. I can say that 2016 will be an exciting year for me. I am currently working on a solo live act, as well as a collaborative live act and hoping to start both early next year.

- How do you find the state of electronic music at present? What needs to change? I would say that the key word here would be volume. There are new ways to make and to share music, resulting in an overwhelming amount of it. Naturally when volume increases, the overall quality drops. Although I believe that there is still so much amazing music being made these days. There has been a democratisation of the genre on a global scale and in my mind the key is to remain positive, seeing the glass half full and knowing where to look.

- What were the best inventions of the year? And the worst? Selfie Sticks? Selfie sticks, along with the actual term Selfie, are amongst without a doubt the recent abominations of mankind. On a more postive note, there are some really exciting new and cheaper ways of making certain technologies, previously unaffordable for most, accessible for everyone.

- Best new place you visited and why? Really fell in love with Chicago. Really amazing city, people are super nice .It's where they shot Batman and I really understood why, the city really has a Gotham feel to it. Having said that I am going to Beirut in December and cannot wait.

- The best film you saw? Just watched Partisans, not sure if it is my favourite, but it’s the first thing which comes to mind.

- Last year you named an EP 'Dolce Vita', big fan of Italian cinema? It was actually more a reference to the fact that at the time I had just left full time employment and was finally able to have more time to sit down and make music. Not having to go an office 5 day a week, to do something which was cool but wasn’t making music, really felt like the dolce vita you know!

- Your EP on Colt was called 'Cacoethes Carpendi', care to explain the story behind that one? It’s a latin term which means “the urge to nitpick”. Something which I admittedly do and am trying to do a little less. As a result, I have a bit more time on my hands to think about certain things. I have sort of come to terms with some of my downfalls and I am trying to address them.

- Thanks for the great NOCTURAMA mix, loved it! How did you approach selecting tracks for it? I tried an eclectic selection, perhaps not the most faithful representation of how I would approach a set in a party, more a browse through different genres that I like. I also wanted to share some tracks which I never really had the occasion to play to a dance floor.

- Do you have a favourite track in there? I love them all equally in different ways, like I would my children.

- How would you suggest it be best enjoyed? To answer to this I can perhaps tell you about when and how it was recorded. I tend to be an early bird theese days and start working in my studio from early in the morning. So I recorded 2 other versions of this with slightly different track list/orders before getting it right. This mix was the 3rd attempt, I started recording around 8h45am drinking a camomile tea. Not sure how exciting the setting is going to sound but it is an accurate description of it!

- I know you sometimes like to play very different, experimental sets. What kinds of music might that include? It is true that I am interested in different genres of music, stuff a little more abstract and less focused on the dancing, but more on how the music can occupy a space, for example. I have collaborated on a few projects which took me out of the club/dance floor environment, ending up in an Art Gallery or the annex room of an Opera House. These were amazing and really inspired me for the future.

- Where are your favourite spots to dig for records in Berlin? Spacehall, Record Loft, Audio In, Bass Cadet…… the usuals. There is many a good place in Berlin.

- The classic question... your house is on fire and you only have time to grab three records….  I’d freak out and probably get badly burnt trying to grab everything in my studio.

- Wait.. You have time to grab one more thing from the house, anything you can carry. What do you go for? I would still be in the studio. Not that I have 1000s of machines but I have a few and would not know which one to save first! I would definitely struggle to carry my 38.5 kg mixing desk by myself and hurt my back as well as getting burnt.

- Finally, what can we expect to see from you in 2016? Generally some music coming out and also the launch of my live act. I am also involved in some new label and party projects to be announced soon, but I cannot say much more about it now :)
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