Nocturama006: Clarian
Nocturama006: Clarian
Ahead of our GEIST Agency showcase, Clarian has given us a special mix of unreleased productions, collaborations and edits. It's a super smooth ride and a great look into his production headspace over the eight years in which the tracks were made. In Clarian's words, it's "a time travel device that explores connections between techno, electronica and synth wave through my warped imagination".

1. Clarian - New Guinea
2. Clarian & Tom Flynn - Driftin'
3. Clarian - IHCU
4. Clarian - Life Goes On
5. Clarian - Destroy The System From Within
6. Clarian - Pendulum
7. Clarian & Spaceman - Michael Brown (Club Mix)
8. Clarian & Guy Gerber - Code One
9. Clarian - Sunlight Web
10. AFX - VBS.REDLOF.B (Clarian Drug Parade Edit)
11. Clarian - Lost Again
12. Clarian - Hildegard
13. Clarian - Spiritual Crimes
14. Clarian - Take The Shock Away
15. Clarian - Ghost Ballad

How's it going Clarian? Glad to be back in Europe?

It's going bad, I have blocked ears. But Europe is super dreamy.

What do you miss most about Europe when you're across the pond, and vice versa?

I miss my friends, hopes, my dreams, my nightmares. I miss my enemies. I miss the light and I miss the way we sleep.

Can you live without poutine and maple syrup?

And if I could, would it still be living?

This tour includes Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Cairo and Tbilisi. Of these cities, which is your favourite for playing? For food? For the local people? For relaxing?

That's like asking me to pick my favorite child. I don't have any children I'm aware of, but if I did my favorite one would probably be chewy. He will be a french football star from Sweden. So I'll take a random one and say Cairo. I've never been there, but I like movies.

Thank you for this special Nocturama mix. A whole hour of uninterrupted Clarian. What more could anyone ask for?

The ancient cup of Ankh.

How would you recommend it be best enjoyed?

Listening to it, mostly. Otherwise, you can drink some juice and think about it and enjoy the theory of listening to it. You can take your pants off too if that helps. Whatever makes you feel comfortable. I'm cool with whatever. That's fresh. Distinctive. Like the wind.

Can you tell us about some of the tracks from the mix? I guess some may never see the light of day.

The tracks were written over a span of 8 thousand years.

That's your vocals on 'Take The Shock Away' and 'Ghost Ballad', right? Sounding fresh. Are we going to hear more and more of your voice in tracks and sets?

'Take The Shock Away' was going to be the B-side to 'I Was Born In Outer Space. i wrote those 2 together initially in chinatown last year. ghost ballad i made 8 years ago on a juno 60.. those were very dark and foolish years.

Have you been to ADE before? Do you know what to expect?
If i knew what to expect, then I wouldn't expect to know what I expect.

What can our showcase at Closure expect from you as a DJ, and what can Amsterdam expect from you as a human being?

Expect the best you can expect out of both and multiply that number by 5. Then divide that number by 4 then convert that number phonetically. That's your favorite color.

What's the first thing you plan to do when we arrive there?

I don't plan things. I just plant things. Like trees. Magic beans.

Where are your favourite spots to hang out?

You can find me in the mud.

From your the title and theme of your upcoming record on Kompakt, 'Mission To Bars', we're guessing you're fascinated by Space. Where does that interest stem from?

Space alien mushroom conspiracy.

Do you think there is life out there?

I hope not. Life can be cruel. Life in Tokyo.

The Kompakt record comes with a Clarian-penned story about a spaceman. Could this become a regular thing for you? After 'Mission To Bars' the people are going to need to know what happens next.

I've actually constructed a device to direct time's duality of evolution backwards by rearranging some letters on Wikipedia. Check it: e = p (c,p) = h(w/c,k) = hijklmnop.

This means i've already written all the stories and this will be the last one and thank you for this amazing journey backwards now I must get ready for my early 20s of confusion and bad jobs, followed by teenage angst, and noise rock all for the very first time so i shouldn't really know any of this.

Are you also into science fiction films or books? Anything to recommend?

I recommend John Krishnam 'The Fern' and Derrick Zoolander from the Die Hard trilogy.

What was the last thing you googled? The last thing that shocked you? And the last record you bought?

The last thing i googled was how to stare a viper in the eye. The last thing that shocked me was the microwave. The last record I bought is a surprise present so i can't say. but hint - Japan... but not Japan.
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