Nocturama005: Nathan Jonson
Nocturama005: Nathan Jonson

The fifth edition of our Nocturama series is a lively and adventurous session from Nathan Jonson (formerly Hrdvsion). As Nathan recently explained in an interview with THUMP, he has parted ways with his ten-year alias, opting to use only his birth name and clear his creative palette. With the superb 'Finding My Way' landing on Areal's latest compilation and two killer records coming in the near future, things are looking bright. Dive into this quality hour of slamming house, whirlwind breaks and bass and get ready to dance.

DJ < / 3 - I Wish You Weren't a Liar
AOTOA - Come On People
Redlight x Tinashe - Pretend
Mak & Pasteman - Oh Baby
dJJ - Just A Lil
Life's Track - Call It You
Geeeman - Wanna Go Bang (Tribute to PHTR Mix)
U Know The Drill - Like Thiz
Simian Mobile Disco - It's The Beat (Like Vibert Mix)
Marquis Hawkes - When I Get Home
Tuff Sherm & Patch Free - Dern Work
Sound View - Nex Legends
Octo Octa - Fever Dream
Kali Ushis - Sycamore (Cabaal Remix)

- Hi Nathan, how's life? Where are you speaking to us from today? Hi! Life is pushin' on through despite this sudden grey Berlin weather that is creeping in. BRB, I'm just going to close the blinds and crank up the speakers in my studio (for 6 months!!).

- How has the Summer been for you? Any highlights (or low points) to tell us about? Summer has been fantastic! My mom was in Europe with Mathew and I for the last 9 weeks! She came with us to Sonar in Barcelona, it was so great going to shows and then relaxing with my mom on the beach during the day. She came along to party at Poble Espanyol where Mathew played with Sonja and Ricardo. She also joined us at Stekker Studio in Utrecht for a week. She loved the city and we spent our time between a beautiful apartment on the water, and the studio for the week.

- What does she think of this whole electronic music business and the party lifestyle that goes with it? She can definitely hold her own when it comes to the parties. Lasted longer than most of our friends this year at Stekker Studio where I DJ'ed at the afterparty. I think she was the last person to leave the club and put EVERYONE to shame.

- Does she have a favourite track of yours? She really loves Prettier Than That, but I think her favourites are some older unreleased tracks.

- Thanks for this awesome Nocturama mix. We're guessing you were in a party mood when recording it? Yeah...just a bit!

- Was there any set plan for the mix, or was it a case of choosing the first track and seeing where you end up? Two favourites right now are dJJ's "Just A Lil" and Life's Track's "Call It You". I started with those two and built the mix around that. It's tough not to really go for it when that's where you've set your aim.

- How would you recommend Nocturama005 be best enjoyed? This mix is for driving on the highway, or running at the gym, or whatever....dancing in your chair at home if that's where you are. It's to be enjoyed however you are, wherever you are. It's to be enjoyed while jumping on your bed in your underpants!

- Your sets are certainly more diverse (and perhaps UK-centric) than the average Berlin DJ. How has that made hometown gigs for you? Do you find yourself playing straighter to cater for the crowd here? I don't think so. If anything I play more freely here in Berlin. If it doesn't go over, I know where all the taxi stands to make a quick escape!

- Ever had a house or techno purist ask you to give the breakbeats a rest?! Where would we be if they had their way? I've had metal dudes tell me that electronic music isn't real music. I used to bug a co-worker back in Canada, who was the drummer of a metal band, by pointing out his kick drum-trigger-synth-thing made him an electronic musician. It really bothered him to think he had anything to do with electronic music. It's totally ok for anyone to have any opinion they want, but I'd rather not get caught up in all that. I am not a fan of any one particular genre, I just like good music that makes me feel good.

- Was there a specific moment when you realised it was time to end Hrdvsion and start something new? I definitely realised a while after the moment had passed that it was over with Hrdvsion. Forward movement and change can be hard to follow. The combination of comfortable nostalgia and fear can be quite crippling. Or maybe it was just something to do with a girl.

- Was there ever a possibility of using a different alias? Something a little easier to communicate than Hrdvsion perhaps.. I have a whole list of terrible names that I was reading and re-reading. Mathew helped me decide on my real name by laughing and mocking every other name I had thought up. I'm really thankful for his help! I could have been stuck with ....well, let's just say I'm thankful.

- Jazz or Rap? I don't listen to a lot of either at the moment. Maybe combine them into a joined force! Jazzrap! ....the worst of both worlds.

- Tupac or Biggie? I'm pretty out of my element with this but, in my opinion, from the limited amount of their music I've heard, I get the feeling that Biggie, while has touched on the dark, tends to be, for myself, more instantly gratifying where Tupac goes deeep. Perhaps, it depends on how long I've got. Am I listening to one last song before the Earth implodes or will I be stuck listening till the end of time? I could only listen to Juicy so many times before I'd start grinding my teeth, Changes on the other hand, is timeless.

- Penticton or Berlin? Penticton is a lovely place to visit and spend time in. It's situated between two lakes, and surrounded by orchards. You've never tasted fruit so delicious in your life and tomatoes are as sweet as strawberries, but would I live there over Berlin? Not a chance.

- Döner or Schwarma? Schwarma every time.

- Finally, what can we expect to see from you in the coming months? I've got an EP coming out on Areal in November. Mathew and I have been working on a lot of remixes over the past couple months and I'd like to say I know release dates for those but I'm about as in the dark with that as I am with the release dates for another EP I've got coming out on Balkan Vinyl. Hopefully the latter of the two will see the light of day early next year.
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