Bruno Pronsato NOCTURAMA 003
Bruno Pronsato NOCTURAMA 003

Our NOCTURAMA mix series turns three with a brilliant and totally unique mix from Bruno Pronsato. Why so unique? Well, it is entirely comprised of Bruno's own music, all of it unreleased and unheard. It isn't all finished and polished music, but rather a look into Bruno's current headspace and the thrilling makings of a new album. We also did an interview to accompany the mix, where you can find out the perfect setting to enjoy the mix, what to expect from Bruno's live set in Barcelona next month and what he would order from a restaurant that serves everything. Bruno plays live at our agency showcase during OFF Sonar week. More details and tickets here .

Hi Bruno. How are you? Where are we speaking to you from today?

Hello, I am well. I'm in Berlin at the moment, where the weather has still not formed into a summer yet.

How has 2015 been to you so far?

It's been strange and wonderful. My children are growing up. I've been involved in a lot of projects with other musicians. It's been busy.

And how do you think 2015 has been to the world in general?

It's difficult to say. I haven't honestly been paying too much attention. I would suspect it's the same worldwide disaster as 2014.

What have you been listening to recently?

I've been listening to a lot of Blondie, Japan and ABC. Something about these bands is really moving me and inspiring me right now.

Where are the best places you have ever travelled to perform?

I've always been fond of Paris and Zurich.

… and the worst?

I've pretty much enjoyed every show.

The craziest experiences this music lifestyle has thrust upon you?

Being jailed in Bristol for not having a visa…that was rough.

Of all the people you know, do more people call you by your real name or "Bruno"?

Everybody calls me Bruno for the most part. My mother and brother are really the only people that call me Steven. It feels strange to be called by real name. Though, lately I have been introducing myself as Steven to those outside the music business.

You're a self-proclaimed producer of romantic techno. What's the most romantic thing you have ever done?

I'm not really sure. i've done the standard fare. I sort of feel like everything I do is a small move in the direction of romance.

What kind of films are you into? Seen anything great recently?

I'm not really prone to a certain style of movie. I have been watching, 'the long, hot summer,' lately on repeat. Every flight. I can't get over seeing Paul Newman and Orson Welles in the same movie.

Brilliant Nocturama mix, thank you! What was your approach to selecting the tracks and mixing it?

It was pretty much a cobbling together of all the tracks I have been working on lately. Very abbreviated versions. It's sort of a test to see how they're all going to work together, I suppose...thanks for taking the time to listen to it.

How would you recommend it be enjoyed?

In the bath with candles.

Do you have a favourite song on this mix, and why?

No, i don't have a favorite. If those tracks evolve into their own at some point I might then. Right now everything is sort of skeletal.

Are we going to see some of this music released soon? The people want another album!

This is definitely stuff I have been putting together for the new album. It's been slow as I have been working with Sergio for a new NDF record and Sammy Dee for a new Half Hawaii album. I have finished up a new Archangel mini-album though.

The titles of your tracks and records are usually pretty interesting. Where do they come from?

I keep a journal most days and when a track is done I usually browse through it to grab some titles from there. I try to make the title as interesting as the track. I think it gives the track more weight.

What's your favourite track title ever?

"Don't Eat Stuff Off The Sidewalk" by The Cramps.

We can’t wait for your live show at the GEIST showcase in Barcelona. What should we expect?

I think something like the podcast, but with a bit more bump for the proletariat crowd.

How will you like to relax before and after the show in such a beautiful city?

Just a bed and a book. Or a nice movie. I'm pretty easy to relax.

If we go to a restaurant that has EVERYTHING on the menu, what would you order?

Any sort of sashimi.

And to drink?

Blanton bourbon on ice….
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