Matt Karmil
AUS Music, Smalltown Supersound, Idle Hands
Matt Karmil is British born. He grew up near Stonehenge and suffered a prolonged illness as a child, spending much time indoors whiling away the long hours by playing classical guitar. Eventually he was well enough to see the world that had almost left him behind, and he spent his early twenties traveling extensively, DJing, record collecting and working as a producer-engineer in London, Paris, Stockholm and Berlin.   

After his first solo 12” in 2013, a string releases followed.  Karmil's forth solo album “Will” was released on Norway’s esteemed Smalltown Supersound in 2018, gaining glowing reviews from The Wire, Mojo, Mixmag and DJ Mag. “Will” was also selected as one of Resident Advisor’s albums of the month. Previous albums were released on PNN and Idle Hands, gaining similar positive reviews.  

Karmil's extensive discography includes EPs and singles on Idle Hands, Beats in Space, Studio Barnhus, Endless Flight and Aus music.  

Matt Karmil is a experienced performer and offers both Dj sets and a hardware based, improvised live show.