Growing up in the suburbs, the underground music scene wasn't a big part of Hollie's childhood, with few friends and family who had any interest in electronic music. However, through attending festivals and raves in her teens, Hollie was exposed to a whole new world.

The excitement of the underground scene propelled Hollie to save up for her first pair of decks and teach herself to DJ. It quickly became clear that this was something Hollie wanted to pursue, as she left school to study music production. Whilst studying, Hollie also started a new job at London's Phonica Records. Here her knowledge grew enormously, and as a result, her sound and DJ sets transformed. She became influenced by a vast range of artists, labels and selectors which shaped her unique sound which is recognisable to anyone who has seen her perform.

A raver herself, Hollie has always had a drive to thrown her own party, and in 2017 she launched Atone, a new electro night for London. Here she showcases some of her favourite talents, aiming to make her own mark on the scene.

This year she also secured a monthly residency on Bristol's Noods Radio and aims to use this platform to represent new rising talent, as well as artists she books for her Atone events.

Currently she is working on further developing Atone into a record label, with the potential release of some of her own productions in the future.